Who We Are?

About Gazelles

Gazelles Management Consultancy has been providing Operational excellence, strategic management, and Process re-engineering services. We fill the gap, in between, taking a guess, and taking control, improving the possess as a whole.

Gazelles Management Consultancy is built on the foundational blocks of "Commitment to Lean". We provide innovative and customized solutions to our clients for Business improvement. We currently provide 10 services, which include Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting, Design Sprint Training, Innovative Management consulting, etc. We believe in not only proving efficient service but also provide support for building relationships. 

We are a team of highly motivated individuals with a combined experience of 250+ years in Operational excellence, strategic management and Process Simplification. As a team, we have been consistently delivering innovative and customized solutions to our clients to improve their business processes and people. We partner with our clients to achieve operational excellence through cultural transformation.

8+ Years of Expertise

150+ Businesses Catered

9000+ Personnels Trained

250+ Years of Cumulative Experience

Our Story

Gazelles Management Consultancy was founded in 2014 by three like-minded people, in a shared office of IMPZ Dubai. The vision was to provide companies with efficient and right tools to make it a world-class organization. Initially, we offered two services: Business Excellence and Process Excellence. The task wasn' simple, we had a long road ahead of us, but as time crawled its way up and years passed, we bowed our heads towards the success of fulfilling our vision. During six years, we attained various achievements and admiration from many organizations, like the Ministry of Health, DQA, DHDA, and SKEA. We have come to a great extent of a journey, sharing our piece of knowledge with 9000+ people, curating over 150+ companies.

We still have a long drawn-out expedition to accomplish until then we will not settle delivering and sharing any less.

Our Vision

Our vision to help:
Companies - attain their desired goal and turn into a world-class organization.
Professionals - attain their desired career, get the recognition from their work, and climb the stairs of professional success. 
Students - attain their desired job, help provide an edge to their profile, and shaping their career.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a culture of sustainable and continual improvement.

Our Achievements

1. "Best Supplier" appreciation award by Ministry of Health.
2. Excellency awards like DQA, DHDA, and SKEA.

Why Gazelles

1. Linking Training/Project objective with business goal

2. Ability to scale in terms of global reach and pool of resources

3. Commitment to faster ROI based results which is "Value based Training & Consulting"

4. Change management - making people autonomous

5. We work as partner with clients to achieve and sustain profitability through "Cost Leadership"

Our Model - Space Model