Lean Practitioner

Course Content

  1. Lean Challenge Framing Exercise
  2. Lean History
  3. Introduction to Lean Principles
  4. Concept of Value & 8 Wastes Lean Principles
  5. Rolled Throughput Yield
  6. Hidden Factory
  7. Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

  1. 5 S, workplace organization
  2. 5S Lego Simulation
  3. Kaizen, Kanban
  4. Standard work
  5. Standard work Lego simulation
  6. Measurement of Process performance- cycle time, takt time, lead time
  7. Mistake proofing
  8. Line balancing
  9. Single minute exchange of die (SMED)
  10. Push and Pull Flow
  11. Andon, Just in Time (JIT)
  12. Cellular layout

  1. Lean Transformation
  2. Lean Implementation(PDCA approach)
  3. Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE)
  4. Total Productive Maintenance Basic
  5. LEGO Car Simulation

Training/Workshop Methodology

  • Customized based on the  Industry & sector specific  challenges
  • Learning reinforcement  through LEGO® SERIOUS  PLAY® Method
  • Real time case studies and  scenarios
  • Quizzes & Questionnaire
  • Post training support for  effectiveness in terms of Kaizen projects


Program Deliverables

After the completion of training, participants' will have clear understanding of the following issues and will be able to figure out:

  • Gives the participants a comprehensive knowledge of Lean Methodology
  • Enables participants to understand the role of a lean practitioner as a key change agent in their organizations
  • Enables participants to understand linkage between business priorities and practices of Lean management
  • Get to know deployment strategy
  • How to select Lean projects
  • How to implement Lean project using Kaizen methodology
  • How to launch Lean initiative in the organization
  • Participants shall pick up at least one Kaizen Project to finish during the program duration
  • Participants shall be creating a Kaizen event Project bank to be implemented post completion of the workshop