Design Thinking

Innovation is about keeping up with the competition through new products, services or ways of doing things for achieving breakthrough business results and unique competitive advantage.

The aim of this workshop is to learn the Design THINKING or human centered design through practical experience.

The Design Thinking gives the participants a powerful toolset and process, which one can fast- forward into the future to see the finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments, and avoid costs and innovate faster.

With innovation as the the key driver for organizations to create value from new products, services, processes, or business models, it needs to be managed in a systematic manner.

Managing innovation creates value and secures the organization’s future. To obtain this, periodic and effective assessments of the innovation management are necessary.

ISO/TR 56004 is developed to answer the question:

  • How can an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA) contribute to the future development of an organization and its innovation?
  • How to carry it out and act upon the results of the IMA?

This workshop includes an overview of ISO/TR 56004 –Guidelines on Innovation Management Assessment (IMA) which is what you can expect from a good IMA, how to carry it out, and act upon the results of the IMA. Furthermore, it provides the fundamentals for considering an IMA and provides the foundation for carrying out such a process.