Diagnostic Studies

We at Gazelles first discuss each and every step with the organization which is required to be taken before applying any action to it. We start with defining the AS IS process and what is desired TO BE process by identifying gap between the current and Future state linking it with the organization vision Mission and Objectives. It provides our clients as well as us a better view to get the solution.

We believe problems are opportunities for improvements. To mitigate these challenges, we have categorized them mainly into three types.

  • The first type of challenges are those, which we know the cause and their solutions. We can just simply fix them.
  • The second type of challenges are those, which can be due to multiple causes, and the organizations understand the causes for these problems. Forming small teams and using basic lean sigma tools can solve these challenges. These are mainly small projects that can be completed in 2-3 weeks.
  • The third types of challenges are the chronic ones, which can be due to multiple causes. Most organizations struggle to find the cause and solutions for these problems. To solve these complex problems we need your people and their expertise, so we listen to them first. Then our experts will organize a team with in your organization, train them on complex tools and methodologies to eliminate these problems and to make sure that they don’t occur again.
  • These projects are complex in nature and require usage and implementation of advanced lean sigma tools and management methodologies.

Tools used for Diagnostic Study

  • Gemba Walk
  • Interview at Top Management, Middle Management and Shop floor to understand People perception about the processes and their expectation from the same which also gives a glimpse of people alignment with the strategic goals.
  • Organizational health check up questionnaire.
  • Value Stream Mapping of the processes
  • Project Bank.
  • Diagnostic Reports