Radical Cost Reduction through Lean

To improve cost competitiveness & profitability A 3 day Interactive & skill development Training Program

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*This offer is effective from 10 July 2017

In the current business scenario, every company is striving for survival and growth. To attain the growth mission, your products must be globally competitive. Three critical parameters to enhance global competitiveness are; Cost, delivery Speed and Quality. In order to accelerate your growth mission we are pleased to offer a highly innovative technique “Radical Cost Reduction through Lean” to enhance cost competitiveness and profitability. The uniqueness of the program is that it is using three most powerful process improvement techniques of the world; TLS Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma.

Radical cost reduction technique focuses on root of cost-driving constraints.The “TLS” methodology designed by bench marking and synergistic-ally blending of three most powerful world-class problem solving techniques developed in Europe, Japan & USA; Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean & Six Sigma. It provides a new paradigm to manage the cost.

  1. TOC used to discover the constraints obstructing the profitability and business growth.
  2. Lean focuses on detection & elimination of cost-driving waste.
  3. Six Sigma facilitates in time-bound project management to resolve constraints and eliminate wastes.

  1. Managers and engineers of manufacturing & service organizations working in operations, services, maintenance, TQM, design, product development,materials management, supply chain, cost accounting, sales &marketing.
  2. Divisional & Functional heads.
  3. Quality Professionals& Change Agents.
  4. Consultants &Academicians.

Course is designed to provide know-how & do-how of TLS Technique to manage the following cost management issues:

  1. How to discover the invisible constraints in the business processes which are causing higher cost?
  2. How to select critical cost reduction projects impacting the bottom-line?
  3. How to reduce costs in the quickest possible manner using TLS project management techniques?
  4. How to introduce and promote the new paradigm of Radical Cost Management in the company?

  1. Concept explanation through class room presentation
  2. Case studies & examples presentation
  3. Audiovisual presentation
  4. Skill development through exercises & coaching
  5. Interactive group discussions
  6. Test of Learning through assessment and examination

Day 1 Outline: Basic Concepts

  1. The global competitiveness of your company
  2. What makes your products & services costlier?
  3. Overview of TOC, Lean & Six Sigma
  4. How TLS can be applied to reduce cost?
  5. How to detect constraints?
  6. How to launch TLS cost reduction initiative in the company?

Day 2 Outline: Project Selection

  1. How to select cost reduction projects?
  2. Cost Reduction Project Planning
  3. Case studies & Exercises
  4. Developing an Action Plan to implement TLS initiatives in your company

Day 3 Outline: Project Management

  1. Reaching to the root-cause of cost-drivers
  2. Developing the counter-measures
  3. Implementing cost reduction solutions
  4. Holding the gains