INDONIS is a 360° Innovation Management platform for organisations committed to 100% engagement of their employees in the process of crowdsourcing smart, innovative ideas that deliver sustainable growth.

It is an agile tool for 24x7 innovation accessible to employees anytime, anywhere using their smartphones, tablets and kiosks in a quick, seamless way.

It helps every organisation to;

  1. Build a robust "innovation culture" (bottom floor to top floor and supplier to customer)
  2. Help discover solutions quicker through "crowdsourcing of ideas" (100% coverage)
  3. Deliver maximum "Return on Innovation (RoInn)" across all innovation projects
  4. Develop highest levels of employee engagement and connect (reward & retain best people)
  5. Drive sustainable growth through improved quality, productivity and cost / time savings

INDONIS assures complete elimination of paper, email and excel workflows across the organisation specifically for managing ideas and listening to voice of the customers.

INDONIS Cloud offers businesses of any size the ability to scale their innovation processes and reach out to 100% of their employees and customers and tap into their intellectual wealth - capturing ideas, reviewing, implementing, tracking as well as rewarding the best ones. Users can use the Android App, Web App as well as the Kiosk App (tablets) to submit ideas, attach photos, get real time updates as well as rate, review, upvote others ideas, building an organisation wide innovation network.