Service Excellence through Lean Management

Creating and delivering hassle-free excellent quality service

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The power of lean operations has transformed manufacturing organizations to deliver the world’s best quality products in quickest way at most competitive price; Toyota is the best example. Realizing the effectiveness of Lean now the same principles adapted by several service organizations to excel their service quality and global competitiveness. Lean is not just a concept but a business system which can transform subjective service activities to objective and measurable to ensure that customer gets right solutions to meet their needs at the same time service provider improves its top and bottom line.

The focus of lean is on detection and elimination of non-vale added activities in every process. In fact, the cost of non-value added activities are much higher in services than in manufacturing. Lean can work wonders on your services business – from delivery services to professional services or call centers. Improving service processes translates to more key resources available to you when you need them – increasing your service capacity and effectiveness. There are always opportunities to make your business processes work better – to deliver your service to the customer faster and more reliably.

Today’s customer is “money-rich” but “time-poor”, looking for quick response to their demands. All kinds of service organizations need to redesign their processes right from the very first customer contact to service delivery to ensure that he/she is fully satisfied. Lean techniques develop new ways to integrate the entire process-chain in to a “value stream” which works like a “service machine” to make your customers happier by getting quicker,faster and better services to meet their needs just in time.

More and more service companies in business of hospitality, healthcare, finance, banking, education, airlines, transport, logistics, marketing, technical consulting, customer service, security, repair and maintenance, HRD, Administration etc.are starting to unleash the power of Lean to transform their service management processes to deliver maximum customer value at competitive price with good ROI.

Lean journey begins with transformation of mindset of senior managers and front line personnel to trigger “Lean Thinking”. This three-day Lean workshop is especially designed to provide comprehensive understanding of lean concepts, tools and techniques to the people who are involved in service design, delivery and supporting functions to trigger lean thinking.

Service characteristics in most of the cases are quite subjective and service creation and delivery processes are invisible or not well defined which causes generation of lot of non-value added activities. Two highly powerful Lean tools; Value Stream Mapping and Problem Solving- A3 way can detect and eliminate imperfections in the service value stream.

Course is designed in three parts; the first part deals with description of service quality from lean perspective, concept of value and waste, Principles of Lean Consumption, lean thinking and overall methodology. Second part covers the various lean service tools; value stream mapping, kaizen, problem solving, A3 thinking and other tools. Third part focuses on how to put the lean principles in practice; step-by step guidelines for implementation.

There will be several case studies and group exercises to develop implementation skill, which is the most important deliverable of training program. At the end of workshop there will be a written test to assess learning of participants.

  1. The professionals involved in marketing, design and delivery of various kinds of services, covering various service sectors such as;finance, insurance, health care, hospitality, travel, tourism, technical service, consulting and training, education, logistics, transport, logistics etc.
  2. Divisional & Functional heads of service organizations.
  3. Service Quality Professionals& Change Agents.
  4. Consultants &Academicians.

Objectives of the course are to provide clear understanding of:

  1. Lean approach to specify service from customer’s point of view
  2. Value stream mapping of service process and identification of waste
  3. Lean metrics to measure service quality and process performance
  4. How to apply Lean tools to improve service quality and service process?
  5. How to get started and lead Lean initiative in the company?

  1. Concept explanation through class room presentation
  2. Case studies & examples presentation
  3. Audiovisual presentation
  4. Skill development through exercises & coaching
  5. Interactive group discussions
  6. Test of Learning through assessment and examination

Day 1 Outline: Lean Service concepts

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s Lean Management?
  3. Evolution of Lean
  4. Concept of Value & Waste
  5. Exercises
  6. Principles of Lean Consumption
  7. Principles of Lean Thinking
  8. Taste of Lean- Simulation Exercise
  9. Examples and case studies

Day 2 Outline: Lean Tools & Techniques

  1. Lean Tools
  2. Value Stream Mapping
  3. Kaizen
  4. 7QC Tools
  5. JIT & Kanban
  6. Five S
  7. Quick Changeover
  8. Standard work
  9. Lean Office
  10. Case studies and exercises

Day 3 Outline: How to implement Lean Service?

  1. Lean Transformation
  2. How to implement Lean?
  3. Case study
  4. Exercises
  5. Implementation Steps
  6. People Transformation
  7. Leadership & Culture
  8. Examination
  9. Valedictory