Alison Harvey

Principal Consultant - Healthcare

Alison Harvey is a DMS (Diploma in Management Services (Health)), MBA, (Major in Healthcare
Administration), certified EFQM European Assessor, certified Project Manager and certified EBM Trainer with over
30 years of experience in innovation, healthcare services delivery excellence, coaching and education development. Alison's experience includes working with large private and public sector organizations, where she has managed and implemented numerous small and large-scale implementation projects in the UK and the Middle East.

Alison brings rich and very broad international experience and healthcare systems knowledge from working
within the NHS, the private sector in the UK (Humana Wellington and HCA), The National Guard, MODA, and
Security Forces in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Defense Forces, and the private healthcare sector development in
Jordan, Iraq, and the UAE. 

Relevant Experiences:

  • Designed, commissioned and operated Cardiac Centre in Bahrain Defense Forces Hospital (Team leadership
    with the CMO and Senior Cardiac Surgeon)
  • Other commissioning and development projects: Pediatric services in the Wellington Hospital; the Specialty
    Hospital in Jordan (design only); Daycare suites in DHCC (successful CPQ); new labs, daycare centre and
    hospital for EHG; New Cosmo Surge day care surgery in London
  • Design development and implementation of new EMRs (Meditec in London/Mysis in National Guard, Trak
    Care in UAE)
  • As Clinical Director of Nursing for Emergency and Critical Care in National Guard, Saudi Arabia, led the team
    for their first JCIA; supported development of forward battle station and teams sent to Bam/Baloclod
    earthquake disasters, Riyadh bombings.
  • Successfully created and led facility teams through the change management processes necessary for
    achieving and sustaining JCIA, CARF, ISO 15189, OSHAD, etc within Emirates Hospital Group.